“Texts Teach”
Margaret Meek

We believe this and so weave learning around outstanding core texts.

To support teachers with finding the best texts, both fiction and non-fiction, we have created a booklist to showcase what is on offer. This booklist is revised frequently by PrimaryMatters. Every book on the list has been read and reviewed by us.

“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.”
Frederick Douglas
“Reading should not be presented to children as a chore, a duty. It should be offered as a gift.”
Kate DiCamillo

We hope you will enjoy finding out more about our booklist.

Book List

Our new whole school theme for 2020 is JAPAN 2020. We felt this to be a fresh , relevant theme because of the Rugby World Cup and The 2020 Olympics being held in Tokyo. This will be a strongly cultural/geographic theme based around Japan and looking at the Olympic games. Values education will be woven through each of the four phase learning journeys. Our book recommendations this term are part of our JAPAN 2020 collection:

One Leaf Rides The Wind - front cover
One Leaf Rides The Wind - back cover
I Live In Tokyo - front cover
I Live In Tokyo - back cover
The Great Wave - front cover
The Great Wave - back cover

Our collections are put together to inspire teachers and children. The very best of fiction and non-fiction are gathered around exciting contexts for learning. Learning journeys are created which weave first-hand experience, visual texts and inspirational books into a meaningful term's work. Just like a great novel each term's journey has a stunning start, marvellous middle and fabulous finish.

All the texts listed have been read by us and chosen for their exquisite language, wonderful illustrations and power to impact upon children's imagination, learning and writing.

We have placed each context for learning in an age phase. Looking at books available and the issues and themes of those texts helps us decide where the "best fit" for a theme is. However contexts can be moved and adapted to different ages.

Monkey Puzzle (p13)

Jungle Fever (p56)

Frozen Worlds (p78)

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