Education Conference 2019

We all welcome the shift in the Ofsted emphasis towards a bolder curriculum but …

What steps can we take to design a ‘bold and ambitious curriculum’ that gives every child ‘a full, deep, rich education’ called for by the Head of Ofsted?

How do we evaluate, revitalise and innovate our curriculum?

How can we ensure that every child flourishes whilst achieving high standards?

What does a creative, connected memorable curriculum look like?

How can we halt the ‘pixlification’ of education lamented by Amanda Spielman and join up teaching and learning in a meaningful way?

How can we lead curriculum transformation in our school with the team that we have?

The Ofsted framework is changing for 2019. Schools will be inspected for the quality of their education, the ‘distinctiveness’ of their curriculum and whether they are properly preparing young people to succeed in modern Britain.
There will be a ‘greater interest in why and what schools are teaching, along with outcomes.’
This course will equip Heads and SLT to evaluate their current curriculum and see fresh approaches to school improvement centred on an inspiring, broad and first- class curriculum.
The Ofsted research behind the framework 2019 highlights the positive impact of external providers in curriculum development ‘External providers can

  • introduce participants to new knowledge and skills
  • help teachers believe they can make a difference to pupil outcomes act as monitors and facilitators.’
  • Deeper understanding of what needs to be taught to ensure children are able to succeed in modern Britain.
  • Current knowledge of character education and how to weave the teaching of moral values into the curriculum.
  • Examples of long-term maps and medium-term planning approaches designed to be bold, ambitious and unforgettable for children.
  • First-hand accounts of curriculum innovation and design loved by Ofsted!
  • Inspirational effective ideas to take back to school.