Our Team

Our team is made up of a group of exceptional practitioners. Between us we have taught every year group in primary education and at every level. We also have specialist literacy and curriculum advisors and a lead Ofsted inspector. This breadth of expertise means that we offer you the very best of advice from a team who are passionate about education and have relevant, hands on experience.

Nicola Powell

Founder and Director

Founder and Director

Nicola’s mission is to bring vibrant, contemporary and irresistible learning to children everywhere, through innovative and relational teaching.
She has taught every year group from Reception to Year 6 and was Head of lower school in a large Primary . Nicola led school development within the schools she taught in.

For 10 years Nicola worked as part of the English Team for West Sussex County Council developing innovative and effective approaches to teaching reading , writing and speaking and listening.

Since establishing Primary Matters Consultancy in 2004, Nicola has worked with both state and private schools across the UK, enabling all schools to flourish.

In this time she has enabled headteachers to transform their curriculum, moving schools which require improvement to an Ofsted judgment of Good, and supporting good and outstanding schools to go beyond.

Nicola has led conferences across the country and worked on national projects with inspiring leaders in education such as Mick Waters.

She gained her degree in English and Education from Homerton College, Cambridge.

Maureen Wells

Art Consultant

History Consultant

Maureen joined the Primary Matters team in 2010.Maureen is passionate about developing creativity, curiosity and independence in children through art and design work. The impact of her expertise and teaching methods has been outstanding in every school she has worked with.

Maureen has had a 26 year career in art and design education, teaching from Reception age children to adults in both the U.K. and New Zealand.

Ashley Holt

History Consultant

History Consultant

Ashley has been involved in education since 1994. He has a passion for history and believes that role play and model making makes learning immediate, memorable and real.

Ashley has a particular interest in ancient history and has been involved in re-enactments for a number of years. He is a member of the Hoplite and Roman Military Research Society.

Jane Evea

Researcher and Advisor

Researcher and Advisor

Jane is passionate about providing the best possible opportunities for learning through immersion in creative journeys grounded in high quality texts.

She has many years’ experience in teaching in Greater London and West Sussex and was an Associate Adviser for Teaching and Learning with West Sussex Local Authority, where she worked with teachers to develop pedagogy and practice and as a Curriculum adviser.

Graham Sims

Senior Consultant

Senior Consultant

Graham is passionate about raising standards in schools, both in the UK and overseas. He started his teaching career as a modern foreign languages specialist. He has also been a head of department, deputy headteacher and held two headships. He is now one of the country’s most experienced school inspectors.

He became a registered inspector for Ofsted, then an area inspection manager for Tribal, and in 2008 he became director of inspections for Serco.